Winter Wonderland

“A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight…Walking in a Winter Wonderland”.  It is my favorite Christmas song (the Tony Bennett version).


So, Happy 2013 my friends, family, fellow bloggers and curious travelers!  Hot diggety Mayan damn…we made it!  This is my first blog of the year (only 15 days in, kicking that “no procrastination” resolution’s ass!)…and this one is a tribute to my homeland:  Wisconsin, U.S.A.

I’ve lived in California for most of my life, but my roots, native pride and sports enthusiasm will always reside with Wisconsin…the state that welcomed me into this world, made me a certified cheesehead (google it if you’re not familiar with the term) and gave me enough awesome childhood memories to last a lifetime.  I got to spend the recent holiday with my family up there, and finally got to make a huge, long-awaited checkmark on my over-flowing bucketlist…going to a Packers game at Lambeau Field in Green Bay!  Gringo With A Green Bag In Green Bay…now doesn’t that just sing awesomeness! It was a lifelong dream…and it was realized. I hope 2013 brings lots of dreams to life for all of us 🙂

Don’t let that sun fool ya. It was painfully cold out there.

Couldn’t feel my hands or face at this point. Snot frozen to my lip. Feet like icebergs.


Brats and brew on ice in Green Bay before the Packers game…it doesn’t get much better folks! (photo by Todd Thoune)

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