A “Running Man” in Puerto Rico

Amigos, it is my pleasure to introduce to you a whole NEW way of travel! This is Puerto Rico…as the world has never seen before… 🙂  #GringoWithAGreenBag






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2 thoughts on “A “Running Man” in Puerto Rico

  1. Damian. Thanks for sharing. I love your new way of traveling “Running Man”. Maybe one day we will travel together and share part of the world. Keep on running and enjoy the world and the people. Blessings.

    • ¡Hola Sara! Thanks so much for checking out the video, and I’m really glad you enjoyed my “running” tour through Puerto Rico! 🙂 Yes, hopefully we can make our way through Mexico sometime…Yucatan has been calling my name again for a while! All the best to you mi amiga. – D

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