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“Diario de Viaje”

Travel has rewarded me with an incredible perspective on the world. There is no better way to connect with our fellow humans than to look one another in the eye, exchange a smile, a hug or a laugh and to try and better understand the unique life that we each live through observation, dialogue and compassion. A common sight for me over the years of traveling has been one that reflects a very challenging lifestyle for many people. For some, it means getting by with the bare minimum of necessities and a life of hard work. For others, it can be a sad tale that echos a daily struggle for survival. Through it all, I’ve experienced an amazing amount of warmth, generosity and hospitality from a great number of people who live under these very circumstances. Though we are different in our upbringing, culture and lifestyle, we share a common interest in bonding with one another through the mutual gifts of curiosity, love and compassion for our own kind. Here is a clip I put together of some of the people and images that reserve a special place in my memory, as well as in my heart. It is a reflection of the world as I have experienced it, and a reminder to be forever grateful for the blessings that we take for granted in our lives.

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