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25 years of “seeing” the world…

This was my very first SLR camera (Nikon F50). Got it in 1997 (still have it today). It was through this lens and viewfinder that I really started “seeing” the world for the very first time…nearly 25 years ago. Long before social media platforms and algorithms ruled people’s lives, I was out there documenting this planet on 35mm film in some of the wildest environments on Earth…and having to make prints if I wanted to share any images (yes, the Flinstone era). It’s been quite a journey and an incredible education. This year, I will reflect greatly on the past 25 years of exploring, experiencing, learning and, most importantly, discovering who I am and what this world is all about through the wonderful mediums of travel & photography. 📷 #GWAGB25

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Life through a different lens

Image 01

The people who inspire me most, they are not of a “privileged” world. They are the people I meet in the most unassuming corners of the globe. People who have “nothing”, yet would give you everything. They find happiness in the simplest of forms. They share a strong love and compassion with one another – void of wealth, modernity and prestige – and they reflect those feelings with the people they encounter in their daily lives. They would sleep on the floor and offer you their bed if you needed one. They will cook you a meal in exchange for some good company. Their lives are not dictated by social media or the pursuit of eminence. They are dictated by the basic demands of survival, yet they endure far less stress and negative emotion than most people who become absorbed by a life spent worrying about their social status, making money, impressing their peers and getting “hearts” on Instagram. I’ve met these people on many occasion. I’ve been humbled with every visit, every conversation, every smile and every invitation extended to me as a gesture of raw generosity and as a means to gain perspective into their world…unimaginable to us, but very normal to them. We can’t underestimate the value of having perspective in our lives. Our privileged lifestyle that we often view to be unfair or insufficient is just a distant dream for the majority of people with whom we share this planet. It’s always a good practice to switch out your lens from time to time and view the world through a different glass. Get a better view. It’s the best way to keep our eyes exercised on an ever-changing world, and to look beyond our fixed view of a world that presents itself as “normal” to us.

Image 02

Image 03


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Digital magnetism

No matter where you travel with your camera, one thing is certain…kids will be among your most enthusiastic of subjects to photograph!  Especially if you have a digital camera and can show them the photo just seconds after it is snapped.  In many underdeveloped countries, where technology and hi-tech gadgets are as foreign to them as eating mashed potatoes with your hands is to me, the kids always have a positive response to a stranger who breaks out a digital camera and ask them for a “foto?”.  Their giddy reaction is contagious…as is the news of the visitor with the camera, which can spread throughout an entire village before you’ve even had a chance to review your first 1/2 dozen shots.  Next thing you know you have a mob of eager little bodies parading in front of you, each working their way into view while yelling “me…me!”.  It’s always great fun.  Now if I could only get that red village mud off my favorite shoes…

Top image:  Sambo Creek, Honduras

Bottom image:  Guarani village in Argentina.  *Don’t wear anything white on a rainy day*

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Nikon SLR training in indigenous Argentina

ImageThese kids had awesome haircuts and a great time seeing their world through the Nikon lens!

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