Digital magnetism

No matter where you travel with your camera, one thing is certain…kids will be among your most enthusiastic of subjects to photograph!  Especially if you have a digital camera and can show them the photo just seconds after it is snapped.  In many underdeveloped countries, where technology and hi-tech gadgets are as foreign to them as eating mashed potatoes with your hands is to me, the kids always have a positive response to a stranger who breaks out a digital camera and ask them for a “foto?”.  Their giddy reaction is contagious…as is the news of the visitor with the camera, which can spread throughout an entire village before you’ve even had a chance to review your first 1/2 dozen shots.  Next thing you know you have a mob of eager little bodies parading in front of you, each working their way into view while yelling “me…me!”.  It’s always great fun.  Now if I could only get that red village mud off my favorite shoes…

Top image:  Sambo Creek, Honduras

Bottom image:  Guarani village in Argentina.  *Don’t wear anything white on a rainy day*

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2 thoughts on “Digital magnetism

  1. Lorraine Limon-Dang

    Glad to see you’re blogging about your travel experiences. Good stuff 🙂

    • Tx Lorraine. I remember when we were talking about it. Something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Just had to get started. 🙂

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